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Monthly Archives: February 2018

On January 31, 2018, the Closing Session of the LIFE Futur Agrari project 180131_Claursura_FuturAgrari_Programa.pdf) took place in Vic (Lérida).

On this day the results reached in the project and the main conclusions were exposed and several LIFE projects working in the field of the agronadero sector had the opportunity to present their work and opinions. Among them, the LIFE ARIMEDA project was represented by CITA and SEGALES. A brief presentation was made of the objectives, results and actions to be developed in the next 4 years and an information panel was presented. Impressions were also exchanged with the attendees and brochures and information sheets were distributed with the most relevant information about the LIFE ARIMEDA.

Last September, the LIFE ARIMEDA project began. Reduction of ammonia emissions in Mediterranean agriculture through innovative fertigation techniques with the liquid fraction of slurry and digested.

The Center for Research and Technology Agroalimentaria de Aragón (CITA), a body dependent on the Department of Innovation, Research and University is the coordinator of this project involving various institutions and Spanish and Italian companies that will work to reduce the emissions of ammonia in the Mediterranean agriculture through innovative fertigation techniques with the liquid fraction of the slurry and digested.

This demonstration project was born with the objective of promoting the reuse of nutrients in Mediterranean agricultural areas of extensive irrigated crops, reducing ammonia emissions and maximizing the recycling of nutrients.

On this day of presentation, the partners of the LIFE ARIMEDA project, from Aragon and the Italian region of Lombardy, will present the main objectives and actions to be developed within the framework of this European project.

Here is the program of the day (JornadaARIMEDA_programa.pdf) and information on the location where the day will take place.

The Department of Chemistry and Food Technology of the ETSI Agronómica, Alimentaria y Biosistemas (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) collaborates with the LIFE ARIMEDA project in an active way providing support in the design and planning of ammonia measurements in the project’s demonstration field trials.

The work of exchange of knowledge and collaboration with this Department, member of the Collaborative Platform of LIFE ARIMEDA, began on February 7 with an emissions workshop that took place at the UPM facilities in Madrid and in which large progress were done in the definition of the protocols and methodologies to be applied in the field in this year’s monitoring and evaluation campaigns. The UPM, the University of Milan and the CITA participated in the workshop.