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Monthly Archives: November 2017

The Hydrographic Confederation of the Ebro has shown its interest in the LIFE ARIMEDA project and collaborates directly through the pivot and drip irrigation demonstrative plots that will be installed on the farm “La Melusa”. In these facilities a plot of irrigation with pivot and a drip irrigation plot will be monitored environmentally (ammonia emissions in the application of organic fertilizer) agronomically and economically for two years.

For this, work in close collaboration with CITA, SEGALES and REGABER, has begun on the selection of the plots and on the design and planning of the trials.

Last November, the first meeting of LIFE ARIMEDA project took place at the CITA facilities.

All the project partners participated in this meeting and discussed the execution of the technical tasks to be carried out throughout the Project, as well as the work plan to be followed to execute the work successfully, detailing the steps to execute in the short term.

All the partners had the opportunity to present their proposals and points of view and established the guidelines to follow to comply with the economic, administrative and technical development of the project.