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Monthly Archives: October 2017

On October 17, it took place a seminar focused on the climate change. The discussion scheduled under the “Climate Change Roadmap of Navarra 2017-2030-2050 took place in the EVENA meeting hall in Olite “(171017_Klinadebates_Programa).

In this session it was talked about the strong interaction between agriculture and climate change and the need to reflect on their practices, in a moment of global change.

The seminar was approached, from the perspective of the need of mitigation (reduction of emissions) and adaptation of agricultural practices bearing in mind key aspects such as fertilization, water management and pests and emerging diseases.

The CITA presented in this framework the LIFE ARIMEDA project and the importance of implementation of good practices as well as the search for innovative techniques that let optimize the efficiency in the use of natural resources such as organic fertilizers to ensure the environmental and economic sustainability of the agricultural sector.


Last September, the LIFE ARIMEDA project began.

The Center for Research and Technology Agroalimentaria de Aragón (CITA), a body dependent on the Department of Innovation, Research and University is the coordinator of this project involving various institutions and Spanish and Italian companies that will work to reduce the emissions of ammonia in the Mediterranean agriculture through innovative fertigation techniques with the liquid fraction of the slurry and digested.

This demonstration project was born with the objective of promoting the reuse of nutrients in Mediterranean agricultural areas of extensive irrigated crops, reducing ammonia emissions and maximizing the recycling of nutrients.

On this day organized by the European Commission in Brussels, the CITA and the University of Milan, partners of the LIFE ARIMEDA project, made a brief presentation of the project and attended the informative sessions on the LIFE Programme.

Presentation of the LIFE ARIMEDA project in the second Zinnae Innovation Commission.

ZINNAE is a member of Energy in Water – ESCP-4i, a partnership of seven European Clusters working in the water and energy sector. As such, one of its tasks is to disseminate the cluster’s international activity and new opportunities to promote innovation and the internationalization of their companies.

The CITA had the opportunity to participate in the second Commission of Innovation of the year 2017 of Zinnae that took place in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zaragoza, on Monday, October 16, 2017 (171016_Zinnae.pdf). In it a brief exhibition of the LIFE ARIMEDA project was carried out, its objectives, expected results and actions to be developed in the next 4 years.

The motto of this Innovation Commission was Challenges and proposals from Aragon in the Mediterranean Research and Innovation Program (PRIMA), which covers aspects linked to the agri-food sector and the water sector.